Founded in 1939 in Philadelphia, as Barton Como Accessories, the company was established based on the needs of the men’s clothing and accessories market, and has remained a player in an increasingly competitive environment by innovating, adapting, and working closely with its clients to provide an outstanding product. 

Today, we offer men's accessories through license agreements with some of the most well-respected men's brands. At John Barton Company we believe in synergy, endorsement, and the comprehensive in-house services that expedite and extend our impact.


Ours is a commitment to innovation and technology in the changing global marketplace, we utilize every available tool to deliver a complete branded package to the licensor that is incorporated effortlessly with all other brand products.

Cultivating a strong relationship the licensor enables our design team to develop product and packaging that reflect the vision and intention of the brand.


John Barton Company continues to develop relationships with all major retailers and specialty stores in the United States. 


All of our company operations are based in Philadelphia, including warehousing, shipping, EDI, purchasing and accounting. Our products are manufactured in China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea and the United States.