Artisan Glass and
Jewelry Manufacturing

We provide fashion and lifestyle products to the largest luxury retailers in the world!

Women's Jewelry

Women's Jewelry

Our team of artists and creatives take pride in making women’s jewelry using high-fired ceramic glazes, unique colors, and historic treatments. Each piece conveys distinction, character, and charm.

Peeps Hair Accessories and Jewelry

Children's Beauty Accessories

John Barton Company specializes in licensing agreements and are extremely proud to have been selected as the licensee for all Peeps® brand jewelry and hair accessory products for children. 

Men's Jewlery

Men's Jewelry

We created an environment where designers can collaborate, experiment, and have access to the materials that will allow them to produce quality men’s jewelry on a large scale.

About us

Founded in 1939 in Philadelphia, as Barton Como Accessories, the company was established based on the needs of the men’s clothing and accessories market, and has remained a player in an increasingly competitive environment. Today, we offer glass jewelry and other products through license agreements with some of the most well-respected brands.

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