Who are we?

John Barton Company

We provide fashion and lifestyle products to the largest luxury retailers in the world!

John Barton Company

Founded in 1939 in Philadelphia, as Barton Como Accessories, the company was established based on the needs of the men’s clothing and accessories market, and has remained a player in an increasingly competitive environment. Today, we offer glass jewelry and other products through license agreements with some of the most well-respected brands.

John Barton Company is a glass jewelry and product company. Glass is sustainable from start to finish. The origin of glass is the sand though recycled glass can also be used to create new products. About a ton of carbon dioxide green-house gas is reduced with every six tons of recycled glass used to make new glass. John Barton Company is dedicated to our planets needs and sustainability.

At John Barton Company we believe in synergy, endorsement, and the comprehensive in-house services that expedite and extend our impact. Through a productive portfolio of brands and licenses we are revolutionizing the consumer glass industry. We are always open to new license partnerships.

Licensing Strategy

With your support and expertise, we are looking to expand our licensing portfolio. We have a passion for creating glass products that create sales for both the B2C and B2B segments of the marketplace.


We are a unique company in carrying on the tradition of domestic manufacturing of consumer glass products in the U.S.

Our Key Category Customers

Drug chains (Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS)

Food stores (Wakefern, Krogers, Publix)
Mass Merchandising (Walmart, Marshalls, Burlington, Kohl’s, Nordstrom Rack)
Box stores (BJ’s, Costco, Sams Club)
Cannabis Industry (state dispensaries and states where cannabis is legal)
Home Furnishing and Decorating Industry (Retailers, Specialty furniture chains and home furnishing outlets)
Ecommerce (Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Oriental Trading Company, 1800-Flowers)
Brick and mortar department stores (We will continue to service the department store industry)

Manufacturing Services

John Barton Company can also provide manufacturing services to other companies. As an American made company, you can be sure your product will call the made in the USA symbol. We can provide design for glass manufactured consumer goods. This would include supporting jewelry lines with glass jewelry components. The glass component can be created using various techniques including torch, furnace, and kiln.


Hand painting on material is also our specialty. The designs are limitless. Talk to us today about your needs in glass manufacturing and let us be of service.

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